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DefCom Technology’s End Point Security experts help you to secure these various devices and protect them from malicious attacks 24×7 to keep your data and IT assets secure. DefCom can help you with:

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How Can We Simplify Your Security?

Bottom line: You cannot afford to not care about the security of your company’s data. So what are you waiting for? Our experts can quickly assess the IT threats your business is exposed to and provide you with the most logical and affordable security solution for your business. Contact us today to learn how managed it security services can protect your organization from risk. 

Our Endpoint Security Services


We help you to define your end point security weaknesses and work with you to find the right combination of products and services to remediate those vulnerabilities.

DefCom Technology offers a full range of End Point Security solutions, including encryption, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware that integrate seamlessly with existing OS platforms and user identity stores. We partner with leading vendors to deliver the latest technology solutions with unified management consoles for easy control, comprehensive reporting, and seamless updates.

Benefits of DefCom's Endpoint Security Services

Reduce Detection & Response Time For Attacks

Analyze Attack Patterns to Better Prevent New Threats

Gain Complete Visibility into Blocked Attacks

Enforce Policy Across All Devices on your Entire Network

Related Solutions

SIEM as a Service

Isn’t it time that you get the transparency you need to understand your security posture? DefCom Technology’s Managed SIEM as a Service accomplishes exactly this. Our team will collect, filter, and correlate security events from firewalls, IPS, servers, applications, and virtually any critical asset in your environment.

Automated 24x7 Monitoring

In today’s fast-paced business world, one thing is certain: downtime is lost productivity and revenue. In order to compete in this environment, technology issues must be responded to in minutes, not hours or days. This could put your company at a disadvantage if you are not ensured that your systems are continuously monitored.

Technology Compliance

Our flexibility and experience in providing these services to our clients enables us to provide you with a solution that will help you achieve and maintain compliance, regardless of your industry or particular challenges. Our Managed Compliance Services are incorporated into our overall Managed Security Services program, delivered remotely from one of our Network Operations Centers or or on-site at the client location.

Perimeter & Network Security

Our experts will configure our Perimeter Security Services in accordance with your policies and compliance obligations. We will then design, supply, implement, monitor, and manage your complete perimeter security services experience. This approach to Perimeter Security Services provides you with enhanced protection. We have evolved Perimeter Security Services to be able to provide clients with deeper visibility into their network applications and users. This is provided without the costs, skills, and resource overheads internal solutions.

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