At DefCom Technology, we recognize that poorly maintained IT systems can lead to costly downtimes and loss of productivity. With our IT Help Desk Service offering, DefCom Technology is able to log-in and address any issues remotely, without taking any addition time away from your team. DefCom is able to perform routine maintenance on your devices, including updates, patches, and defragmentation.
When you call DefCom Technology for support, you won't ever speak to a third-party support company or contractor. Our Employees are experienced, certified technicians that are dedicated to keeping your systems and businesses Always On. No matter what your end users' preferences - phone, email, or self-service - DefCom Technology is always ready to offer the support they need to do their jobs better.

Business Application Support

When you’re applications fail, you are paying for productivity tools that are not making you productive. Let our experts put an end to that. 

Communcation support

Email solutions are a critical asset for nearly all businesses. When you experience an outage, make sure you have certified, experienced professionals at the ready 24×7. 

User access management

The last thing you need to worry about is how to reset your password after you have been locked out of the system. Let our experts hand that for you. 

fall in love with our SUPPORT

Real time statistics

Gain visibility and insight to your environment through our network and infrastructure analytics

Complete Remote Access

You don't wait for a technician to come on site. But We will be there if needed. Either way your issue will be resolved.

Guaranteed Service Level Agreements

We stand by OUR SLA's and keep your business running

Amazingly responsive

Our Engineers bring the all-important "operating experience" of a Managed Service Provider providing 24x7x365 global support to thousands of clients and devices.

Complete Visibility

We don't have any hidden charges or fees with DefCom Technology we support and provide it all so you don't have to.

Easy to use interface

When you need support you can just visit our website and chat with an engineer live or by phone or email.


We put your faith back into your technology and the support that stands onboard 24x7

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Welcome to DefCom Technology, we set you up to succeed in the Digital Age and LOVE doing it.

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