Romote Monitoring and Management

Our experts work around the clock to make sure that your data is secure, and always available.

SIEM as a service

Our SIEM as a Service handles the complex security data on virtually any critical asset in your environment.

Security device management

Let our experts ensure that the devices controlling your organization’s security are patched and properly configured.

Log Management

Our team makes it simple for you to understand the bottom line with regards to your incident data log.

We get it. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, and new security threats emerging every day, it is easy to feel like you can’t keep up with information security requirements. And headline-grabbing security breaches are keeping the catastrophic cost of compromised network infrastructure in the front of every business executive’s mind.



Through our IT Security Services, DefCom Technology employs best-in-class principles to build a comprehensive plan for your business encompassing cyber security, mobile protection, and cloud backup and recovery. Our Managed IT Security Services team members work in conjunction with our overall Managed Services team to ensure that all aspects of your technical security are constantly monitored and available.

Benefits of DefCom Technology's Managed Security Services

Defcom 360 Security

is your data protected once in today's busy workplace?

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