When it comes to Cloud Solutions, all vendors are not the same. There are different models, service level agreements, and limitations. Not to mention some IT service providers tell you they are storing your files in the cloud, when really they are outsourcing to a third-party who is not obligated to adhere to your SLA.

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At DefCom Technology, our cloud solutions are built, managed, and maintained 100% by our leading infrastructure experts. Our focus is on the performance, security, and reliability of our cloud hosting services rather than and building servcer density to generate higher margins for us. With increased scalability and reliability enabled by the cloud, you can respond fast to changing business needs and demands

“DefCom Technology really changed the way I look at the cloud and my support that stands behind it. They are always looking at how to innovate my business systems so that my company can be as productive and secure as possible in the cloud.”

Jonathan Baron

Cloud Application Support

Web services have evolved greatly during the past decades of the internet boom, and they have taken over the IT industry. Maintaining a variety of products and services can be time consuming and resource exhausting, even for established IT departments.

DefCom360 Private Cloud

With DefCom360 Private Cloud, we take care of the infrastructure and management, giving you the private cloud experience you need to keep your business moving forward.  But private clouds are complex to operate. 



Public Cloud Management

 DefCom Technology’s Public Cloud Support solutions provide you with the right tools and services you need to get the most out of your cloud investment. Technology is seen as a key driver of innovation and efficiency. 



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